Prolights Ra 3000Profile


  • 1000W high-precision LED moving profile
  • 6°-50° zoom


Ra 3000Profile combines solid-state technology in every single detail and it has been specifically engineered to be not only a high-quality bright light but also silent. Ra 3000Profile is able to provide a real 25'000 lumen output with unprecedented beam evenness.

The 6.000 K LED engine has been custom designed to make the Ra 3000Profile hit a CRI of 90, TLCI of 92, high R9 and TM30 making all skin tones and colours come to life on stage or in front of a camera.

The Ra 3000Profile’s CMY system delivers beautiful pastels, stunning saturated colours, powerful primaries, one colour wheel provides split colours, and linear CTO allows the Ra 3000Profile to blend in with traditional sources.

Packed with a full feature set, composed of a gobo wheel, animation wheel, iris, prism and dual linear frost.

High-precision 4 blade shuttering system can be overlaid to provide endless combinations. The 19 element optics of the RA3000PROFILE are precision engineered for a perfect zoom, ideal edges and maximum efficiency. 

The RA3000PROFILE is silent, bright, flexible and precise.


Bruto prijs:
€ 11.854,00

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Bruto prijs:
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Artikelnummer 21-00030
Merk ProLights
Artikelnummer fabrikant RA3000PROFILE
Garantie 2 jaar


Lichtbron1.000W White LED
CCT linear CTO correction 3.000 K ~ 6.000 K
Luminous flux25'000lm
Lux(6°) 83'500 lx (50°) 1'830lx @5 m
Levensverwachting lichtbron50.000 h
CRI> 90


Lens diameter180mm
Zoom6° - 50° motorised linear zoom


Kleurmenging linear CMY
Kleurenwiel6 colour filters


FX generator shutter macros with adjustable speed
Roterende gobo's6 rotating gobos + open, interchangeable, indexing
Prisma4f with bi-directional rotation, indexing
Frostdual frost filter system, 1° soft-edge frost gobo, 5° frost wash, with linear 0 - 100% frost filter
Gobo maatouter: 31,6 mm - image: 26 mm - thickness: 1,1 mm
Messen systeem4 single blades: + / - 35°, complete system: + / - 45°
Animatiewiel animation wheel with CW and CCW rotation
Iris5 - 100% motorised iris


Pan angle540°
Tilt angle270°
Kleur behuizing black
Pan/Tilt resolutiebit 8 / 16bit
Behuizingflame retardant PC


Protocolen DMX512, RDM, Art-Net, W-DMX
DMX kanalen38 / 39 / 40 / 41channel
Display Graphic User Interface
Firmware upgrade yes, via USB - DMX interface (UPBOX1) not included
W-DMX included, wireless solution receiver
RDM RDM ready for remote monitoring and settings


Dimmer linear 0 ~ 100% electronic dimmer
Strobe / shutter1 - 30 Hz, electronic
Bedrijfstemperatuur -10° ~ +45°
LED Control flicker free operation
Display accu self-charging battery backup

Elektrische eigenschappen

Netvoeding 100-240V - 50/60Hz
Max. stroomverbruik1.288W
Power factor(120 W) 1,0 - (230 W) 0,97

Fysieke eigenschappen

Koeling combination of heat pipe cooling system and low noise fan
Bevestigingfast quick lock Omega bracket
Pan / tilt lock for transportation and maintenance
Signaal aansluiting Amphenol XLR 3p + 5p IN/OUT connectors
Stroomaansluiting Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 IN connector
IP waarde20

Logistieke eigenschappen

Hoogte 91.4 cm
Breedte 53.4 cm
Diepte 40.2 cm
Gewicht 57 kg

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