Prolights Ruby FCX


  • 50W RGB/FC LED beam
  • P/T infinite rotation


The Ruby FCX is a LED replacement for a discharge beam light. Maintaining the bright, tight,  2° beam and adding full colour mixing through the high-efficiency RGB source.

Ruby FCX is packed with all the features you would expect from a beam effect moving the light - such as gobos, 8f circular and 6f linear prism, frost and infinite pan and tilt rotation.


Bruto prijs:
€ 1.480,00

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Bruto prijs:
€ 169,00



Artikelnummer 21-00029
Merk ProLights
Artikelnummer fabrikant RUBYFCX
Garantie 2 jaar


Lichtbron50W RGB LED
CCT CCT control through dedicated DMX channel
Lux51'094lx @5 m full
Levensverwachting lichtbron > 50.000 h


Lens diameter116mm
Lens type high-quality glass lens optics
Focus motorised


Kleurmenging RGB / FC
Wit macro's2.000 K - 8.000K
Kleurenwiel virtual colour wheel with macros


Macros several pre-build pixel macros with adjustable speed
Vaste gobo's17 fixed gobos + open
Prisma8f with bi-directional rotation, indexing
Linear prisma6f with bi-directional rotation, indexing
Frost frost unit to soften the beam edge


Pan angle540° / 630° with 360° continuous rotation
Tilt angle265° with 360° continuous rotation
Kleur behuizing black
Pan/Tilt resolutiebit 16bit
Behuizing sturdy die-cast aluminium body


Protocolen DMX512, RDM, Art-Net, W-DMX
DMX kanalen18 / 20 / 22 / 23channel
Master/Slave for synchronised operation of more units linked in a chain
Display LCD high resolution colour display with autoflip
Firmware upgrade yes, via USB - DMX interface (UPBOX2) not included
W-DMX included, wireless solution receiver
RDM RDM ready for remote monitoring and settings


Dimmer linear 0 ~ 100% electronic dimmer
Strobe / shutter1 - 30 Hz, electronic
Bedrijfstemperatuur 0° ~ +45°
LED Control flicker free operation
Slaapstand power safe mode when lost DMX
Display accu self-charging battery backup

Elektrische eigenschappen

Netvoeding 100-240V - 50/60Hz
Max. stroomverbruik122W

Fysieke eigenschappen

Koeling active, silent operation
Bevestiging any position with quick-lock omega brackets
Signaal aansluiting Amphenol XLR 5p IN/OUT connectors
Stroomaansluiting Seetronic powerCON IN/OUT connectors
IP waarde20

Logistieke eigenschappen

Hoogte 47.1 cm
Breedte 29.4 cm
Diepte 20 cm

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